The Spirit of God – Our Friend

A. W. Tozer – The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit is friendly. We try to make Him something else but friendly, but He is friendly. Because He is friendly He can be grieved. We can grieve Him by ignoring Him, by resisting Him, by doubting Him or by sinning against Him. We grieve Him by refusing to obey Him, by turning our back on Him.”

My daughter Becky gave me a wonderful little book that I am really enjoying, The Mystery of the Holy Spirit by A. W. Tozer. It is filled with some great insights as to who the Holy Spirit is. One little nugget that I found today was the afore mentioned quote, “The Holy Spirit is friendly.” I’ve thought about the Holy Spirit from many different aspects over the years, but never in terms of being friendly. And as the representative of Christ in this world, why shouldn’t I have considered Him as friendly before? The Lord tells His disciples they were no longer considered servants but friends – and the Holy Spirit perfectly presents Christ to us. The Lord sends Him as the Comforter into this world to be with us. And He is faithfully considered the Helper of all who put their trust in Jesus Christ. So why wouldn’t He be my friend?

The viewpoint that He is some austere force working authoritatively to produce holiness and righteousness is actually an inaccurate and erroneous outlook. When I see the Holy Spirit’s friendliness I’m inspired to relax and let my friend do His work in my life! To make Him out to be something else is to decide I really don’t want His influence. Ignoring, resisting, doubting, refusing to obey are but ways of sinning and turning my back on my friend – rather Judas like in betrayal as I think about it. And as Tozer points out, “Because He is friendly He can be grieved.” I know when as a friend I am spurred for kindness it grieves me. How much more the Holy Spirit that indwells me? So, if the Spirit of God – Our Friend wants to do some changing, let me return the kindness and let Him work! He’s my friend.

J. Robert Hanson


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