Child-Believing or, Look, I Can Fly!

Mark 10:15 NIV

15 I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

My son and daughter-in-law came to visit Friday and stayed the night. In the morning we listened to some music John has written that we hadn’t heard yet. One of the pieces was what I believe he called Soaring. He just mentioned the name to my granddaughter Selah and she immediately got excited. You see, there is something unusual about this piece of music. As I sat on the couch I witnessed it myself.

It seems this music has the ability to make every child under the age of 3 fly. And as it began to play Selah and Jack-Jack (who was sitting on Jen’s lap a the time) were suddenly lifted into the air, arms extending and bodies moving forward. The smile on Selah’s face was memorable. She kept describing the event as Tinkerbell flying. She would come to one end of the house and lean aerodynamically as plane would, banking and turning. Her left arm would dip and the right arm would rise. Majestically, both she and Jack-Jack flew as if they were real fly-boys of the 20th century. Jack-Jack was a little more conservative as his flight only took him around the chair—pilot in training I guess. But Selah, her flight went around the room lasting the whole of the 3-minute piece of music.

She could tell when her flight was going to end, as the music was wrapping up she kept crying again, again, again! So, I played it again (ha). And off they both went into the skies of the home on 619 Shady Lane. For some reason John was out of breath by the end of the whole experience. Go figure.

That is what believing like a child is all about. They simply knew that with this piece of music they would become airborne. And so that simple belief encouraged mother and father to act the impossible on behalf of their children. Fun stuff. Now, if only it worked for 52 year old grandpas, wouldn’t that be a sight not soon forgotten. Oh well, guess I need more flying instructions.

J. Robert Hanson

Proof that they really do fly!


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