Gospel of Mark – Jesus Christ the Servant of God

Mark is the Gospel of the Servant!

NASB Mark 10:45 “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

What is significant about this book that commonly defines it as the Gospel of the Servant? Mark’s gospel is more of what Christ did than what He said. The other three gospels are heavy on the words and sayings of Christ; Mark is focused on His deeds and actions of service. If we were to strip away all the teachings and parables of the Lord in Matthew and Luke, leave in only the actions and service of Christ, the gospel of Mark is the biggest gospel of all of them. The detail and intricacy of what is written in Mark is much greater than the others; that is, if we remove the teachings and parables. That is why we look at the book of Mark as the Gospel of the Servant—it swells of service!

Mark is demonstrating the service of Jesus as a man to humanity. When it comes to a servant you’re more interested in what he does then what he talks about. Talk is cheap, actions: priceless! Unlike the other gospels, before His final arrival in Jerusalem, Mark records only ten parables given at four different periods of time and nineteen miracles. He changes from one event to the next by frequently using the Greek word eutheos; we generally translate this word as immediately. It’s used over forty times in Mark and means “directly, at once, soon, as soon as, forthwith, immediately, shortly, straightway” We see in this gospel the Lord’s activities and service for mankind around Him, demonstrating He is the Son of God.

At our 3D Bible Study, we looked and thought about the Gospel of Mark with greater focus. Sadly, I did not finished and, as I promised, I have posted the whole of my overview from my notes here on my blog. Please follow the link to find the overview.

J. Robert Hanson


Gospel of Mark Overview – https://jroberthanson.wordpress.com/from-the-word-2/mark/gospel-of-mark-overview/


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